Nassau County Library Directors Come through for NY4BL

The Directors of the Nassau County public libraries have again organized a very successful fundraiser on behalf of the New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC.

The event occurred on May 22 at Domenico’s in Levittown, and raised over $10,000 on our behalf.  We are extremely grateful for the commitment and hard work the Nassau library community has demonstrated for the NY4BL.

Thank you, PLDA of Suffolk County

The Public Library Directors’ Association has again stepped up with a $5000 donation to NY4BL PAC.  The PLDA of Suffolk County has historically been a wonderful supporter of our efforts to help libraries be heard in Albany.

Thank you!

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Libraries are under attack from many forces these days.  Flat funding at the state level, coupled with reduced funding at the local level, leave libraries in the conundrum of increased usage and fewer dollars to pay for services. The Defenders of Libraries are library champions who donate $20 or support our libraries’ message in Albany.  Please join us and become a Defender of Libraries.

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