Welcome to New Yorkers for Better Libraries (NY4BL)!

The New Yorkers for Better Libraries Political Action Committee was established in 2003 by library leaders who believe that there is a need to supplement the library community’s advocacy efforts with campaign contributions and other activities directed toward those in Albany who can really help libraries.

We are a Political Action Committee (PAC). A PAC is a legal mechanism for individuals to combine their financial resources in order to elect those who support the interests of the PAC. By contributing to the NY4BL PAC, library supporters in New York can play a role in electing to state offices people who are willing to commit their full support to libraries. Contributions are focused on members of the New York State Senate and Assembly who have worked to increase state support for libraries. 

Interested in supporting New Yorkers for Better Libraries? We have events throughout the year! Learn more here.

Our next event is scheduled for Friday, November 5th, at 9:00pm.

Trivia Bender flyer

Don’t go back to your room after the Friday night NYLA Banquet. You’ve watched enough TV this year, and nobody should be Early-to-Bed at a library conference.

INSTEAD, join the NY4BL for après le dîner drinks, some Covid Collegiality, and our late-night celebration of trivia. There will chances for you to win prizes or gift cards, flaunt your knowledge of insignificant facts, and have a drink or two with friends and colleagues from around the state.

WHEN: 9 pm-11 pm on Friday November 5th

WHERE: in the Empire Room, which is adjacent to the NYLA Banquet Hall at the Marriott Conference Hotel.

WHO: This event is being held by the New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC, the organization that rewards legislators who have helped us and works hard to convince all legislators to speak up for libraries when and where it counts. All funds from the fundraiser will go toward fulfilling the NY4BL mission of helping libraries be heard in Albany.

TICKETS: A limited number of tickets will be available at the door. However, because of Covid restrictions, there may be a restricted number of tickets available at that time. So please  purchase advanced reserved tickets HERE.

Really, this is going to be the highlight of your conference.