Annual Report


2019 Annual Report

In 2019, our efforts, along with all the library community’s local lobbying, legislative visits, and grassroots support prevented a recommended cut of $4 million in state aid ands $11 million in public library construction aid.

Throughout the legislative year, we contributed over $30,000 to those legislators who will help libraries, and continue to do so.  These contributions have rewarded our friends, brought us access to decision-makers, and have signaled a seriousness of intent within the library community. We need to sustain these activities, and have set a goal of at least an additional $7 million to bring state aid to libraries up to the statutory amounts.  Given the anticipated reductions in federal funds flowing to New York, we will need your financial support to achieve this goal, so please donate!

Steve Bolton  –  Matt Corey  –  James Olney   –  Cassie Guthrie

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  Debbie Podolski