inside the new york state capitol

2021 Annual Report

This was one of the most difficult years in NYS Budget history. Concerns about the state deficit, the pandemic, differing perceptions of executive power, and strengthened progressive influences all contributed to a confusing set of circumstances.

The importance of library advocates being seen and heard has never been so urgent. The New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC mission is to assist in the legislative advocacy process by supporting legislators who are committed to helping libraries, and to make sure that our spokespeople are heard in all the varying venues that Albany offers.

Despite all the difficulties that presented themselves during this legislative session, the state budget ultimately included over $94 million in state aid to libraries and $34 million in public library construction. These amounts represent reversals from the Executive Budget, and were afforded through the strong support of state legislators whom the New Yorkers for Better Libraries have supported.

NY4BL will always need your continued support because the fight for libraries never ends.  Please make a donation today so we can sustain our mission of helping libraries be heard in Albany.

Steve Bolton — Tim Burke  — Matt Corey  — Cassie Guthrie — John Hammond — Erika Jenns — James Olney — Debbie Podolski