NYS Budget Update

The New York State Budget has passed; it includes a restoration of $4 million in operating aid and an additional $5 million in new public library construction aid: State Library Aid:  $95.627M total ($4M added to Governor’s proposed budget) This allocation reverses the Governor’s proposed funding cut of $4M, and represents continued stable funding for library aid. State Library Construction Aid:  $24M total ($10M added to Governor’s proposed budget) The legislature added an additiona...

Governor Cuomo cuts library support

Governor Andrew Cuomo has recommended cuts in state aid to libraries in his executive budget for 2017-18.  The cuts come at a time when significant new spending initiatives are under consideration, including a $1 billion increase in school aid. The recommended cuts are $4 million in operating aid to libraries and library systems, and $5 million in public library construction assistance.

Libraries Are Education

The Governor was quoted in the Times Union today: "So the budget is going to be tighter than in past years,” he said. “Past budget years the difficult came from the abundance of options. We had funding, what’s the best thing to do with the funding? ‘I think education.’ ‘I think economic development.’ … This discussion is going to be a harder conversation where we won’t have enough money to do everything we all jointly agree that we want to do.”


  Discussions concerning the upcoming New York State Budget are well underway.  For libraries, this means that the Executive Branch will be determining whether or not it will include last year's $4 million in operating aid and $5 million in construction aid in its proposed budget.  Inclusion means that the library community will start on a level playing field in moving toward the amount of aid defined in state statute.  However, if the Executive Branch removes that money from its proposal, we wi...